Third Offense DWI in Arkansas

Under Arkansas law, a driver is guilty of driving while intoxicated (DWI) if his blood alcohol level is .08 or higher. The lookback period in Arkansas is currently five years, and the penalties described below apply if this is the driver's third DWi within a five year period.

Administrative Penalties

A driver's license will be suspended for thirty months for a third DWI within five years. The notice of license suspension or revocation issued at the time of arrest for DWI, advises the driver that he has seven days to request an administrative hearing with the Arkansas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Criminal Penalties

A driver who is convicted of a third DUI in Arkansas faces a variety of penalties. 

  • Jail time of 90 days to one year
  • Community service of at least 90 days
  • Fines of $900 to $5000
  • Suspension of driver’s license for 30 months

If the driver’s blood alcohol level was less than .15, he may request a restricted driver’s license after one year of suspension. If a restricted driver’s license is issued, the driver will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on his vehicle.

In addition to the above penalties, a driver who is convicted of a third DWI must also complete an alcohol education and treatment program. Upon successful completion of the program and payment of a $150 reinstatement fee, the driver’s license will be reinstated.

Getting Legal Help

If you have been charged with a third DWI in Arkansas, you may benefit from the advice of a qualified DWI attorney.

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