I was charged with a DUI hit and run. What penalties could I face?

The penalties that you face for a DUI hit and run can vary greatly depending on the accident that you left behind.


The primary factor affecting your potential punishment is whether anyone was injured in the incident.

Penalties are much more severe for persons who cause an injury and then flee the scene.

For example, a California man received a 11 year prison term for a DUI hit and run that left a woman dead.

If there are no injuries, the penalties tend to decrease and in some states the charges may drop from felony to misdemeanor category.

In general, there is no one-size fits-all punishment for a hit and run DUI.

That's because these cases tend to accumulate multiple charges. In addition to the two primary offenses – DUI and hit-and-run – the driver may be charged with reckless driving, bodily injury, and vehicular homicide

In addition, punishment will likely be enhanced if there are "priors" – previous DUI convictions within the state's lookback period.

Because a DUI hit-and-run combination is serious and sometimes difficult to assess, you should contact a criminal defense attorney for advice and assistance.

To learn more about general hit and run laws, see Hit & Run Laws - Failure to Stop and Give Information, and The Sad Facts About Hit & Runs.

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