Second Offense DUI in Idaho

A second DUI conviction within 10 years in Idaho results in mandatory jail time and a fine (not to exceed $2,000). In addition, the driver should expect a license suspension of at least one year.

Criminal Penalties

A second DUI offense within a ten-year period will result in a jail sentence for a mandatory minimum period of not less than ten (10) days the first forty-eight (48) hours of which must be consecutive, and five (5) days of which must be served in jail. The judge may permit the offender to serve the remainder of this term in a work detail program. In addition a driver convicted of a second offense DUI in Idaho can be ordered to pay a fine of up to $2,000. 

Look Back Period

In Idaho, the look back period for DUI offenses is ten years. So if a prior DUI conviction was more than ten years ago, a subsequent arrest will be considered as a first DUI offense.

Felony v. Misdemeanor

In Idaho, a second offense DUI is a misdemeanor unless accompanied by aggravating factors such as severe bodily injury or death.

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