Third Offense DWI in Missouri

A third (lifetime) charge of DWI in Missouri is a Class D felony that can result in up to five years jail time. 

Penalties of a Third Offense Missouri DWI

Consequences of a third offense DWI in Missouri include:

  • A felony charge and up to five years jail time
  • Mandatory drug and alcohol treatment program
  • A fine of up to $5000.00
  • Extended probation
  • A 10 year revocation of your driver’s license
  • A Mandatory Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle
  • Limited Driving Privileges w/Interlock Device if granted by the court

The Missouri “Per Se” Law

Missouri law considers an individual a drunk driver if he or she has a blood alcohol level of 0.8% or more in tests given up to three hours after the DWI offense. Breath, saliva, and urine tests may also be used to gauge the level of intoxication. There is a “per se” law in the state of Missouri, which allows the arrest and subsequent conviction of people who have this blood alcohol level even if they can prove their ability to drive was not impaired by alcohol consumption.

Refusing the Chemical Test

If you are stopped for a third offense DWI in Missouri and refuse to take a blood alcohol test to confirm your level of intoxication, you will lose your license just as those who scored a reading of 0.8% do. n.

Getting Legal Help

Because of the severe penalties associated with a third DUI conviction in Missouri, you will benefit from the advice of an attorney.

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