Florida DUI Laws: Ignition Interlock

There are certain circumstances under which a Florida DUI arrest and conviction will require that you install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle.  An ignition interlock device will require that you blow into a mouthpiece that then conducts a Breathalyzer test.  If the driver fails the test by blowing a .05 then he or she will not be able to turn on the car.  The devices will also do random locks to ensure that a person doesn't drink while out driving. Generally, a DUI conviction will result in a suspension of your license.  After a certain time period has gone by, which will depend on whether or not it’s a person's first, second, third, fourth offense, then they can apply for reinstatement for a permanent or restricted driver’s license( for work or school purposes).

Section 316.193, Florida Statutes Requires Ignition Interlock Devices to be Installed on the Vehicles of Persons Convicted of DUI. 

First Conviction: If court ordered

First Conviction if 0.15 or above, or minor in car: At least 6 months

Second Conviction:  At least 1 year

Second Conviction if 0.15 or above, or minor in car: At least 2 years

Third Conviction: At least 2 years

Four or More Convictions  (Condition of Hardship License): At least 5 years

The driver’s license that is issued will have “P” restriction.  This is the indication that an interlock ignition device is required for a particular driver.

Interlock Ignition Reporting and Cost Requirements

DUI convictions are usually reported to the Florida Department of Highways electronically.  The document will inform the Department of what the court’s order was- including the suspension term, including the date that the driver becomes eligible for reinstatement, and the fact that an interlock ignition device will be required. The fees will include:

The cost (plus tax) to the convicted person for an ignition interlock device is:

  • $12 Interlock fee
  • $75 for installation
  • $72.50 for monthly monitoring and calibration
  • $100 refundable deposit or a $5 monthly insurance charge

 If a driver is deemed to be indigent under Florida DUI laws then the court can assist them in meeting the financial requirements.

Seeking Legal Help

If you are ever charged with a DUI, an attorney can assist your through the license reinstatement process step by step.

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