First Offense DWI in Missouri

A driver convicted of a first DUI/DWI in Missouri may be subject to incarceration, fines, and other court orders, as well as administrative penalties. Juvenile offenders and those with commercial driver’s licenses may be subject to different penalties.

Administrative Penalties

A first offense DUI/DWI in Missouri results in administrative license suspension of 30 days, as well as another 60 days of restricted suspension, similar to conditional licensing allowed in other states. Refusals to submit, under implied consent laws in Missouri, result in automatic license revocation for one year for first offenders. 

Reinstatement of license following first offense, during restricted suspension and after suspension, is contingent upon having SR-22 coverage, payment of reinstatement fees, and if ordered, use of an ignition interlock device.

Criminal Penalties

How Much Will it Cost?

To get an idea of how much a first offense DUI will cost you, see our article on the cost of a DUI.

A first offense DUI in Missouri carries no mandatory period of incarceration, but a court has the power to order incarceration up to six (6) months

Fines associated with a first offense DUI in Missouri are not to exceed $500, but this amount does not account for costs incurred during license reinstatement, payment of other surcharges and court fees, or even, costs incurred during completion of terms of sentence

First offense convictions influence charging and sentencing of future DUI arrests for a period of five (5) years, with second and subsequent offenses influencing future arrests indefinitely.

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