First Offense DUI in Pennsylvania

A first offense DUI in Pennsylvania results in varying criminal and administrative penalties based on the BAC of an offender at the time of arrest as well as other factors including property damage, personal injury or whether minors were in the vehicle.

What are the penalties for a first DUI in Pennsylvania?

Jail Fines & Penalties License Suspension Ignition Interlock
6 months probation $300 minimum No No

Administrative Penalties

  • First offense DUI carries no mandatory minimum license suspension for first offenders with a BAC range of .08 to .099. BAC range of .10 to .159 carries license suspension up to one (1) year, and a BAC range above .16 carries administrative license suspension of one (1) year with potential for hardship/occupational licenses during suspension being restricted until last ten (10) months
  • Refusals to submit under implied consent laws in Pennsylvania carry automatic administrative license suspension of one (1) year
  • Ignition interlock devices and even alcohol or traffic education courses, unless ordered by courts, are not prerequisite to reinstate license

How Much Will it Cost?

To get an idea of how much a first offense DUI will cost you, see our article on the cost of a DUI.

Criminal Penalties

  • First offense DUI in Pennsylvania with BAC range of .08 to .099 carries no minimum incarceration period, but requires six (6) months probation and payment of fines of at least $300. Fine amount does not cover expenses incurred during completion of sentence, including costs associated with serving probation
  • First offense DUI in Pennsylvania with BAC range of .10 to .159 carries penalty of mandatory incarceration of two (2) days with maximum up to six (6) months. Fines range widely from minimum of $500 to maximum of $5,000
  • First offense DUI in Pennsylvania with BAC range above .16 carry penalties of minimum of three (3) days incarceration with maximums set at six (6) months. Fines range from minimum of $1,000 to maximum of $5,000
  • Prior convictions remain on offender’s record and will influence future or subsequent DUI arrests for a period of five (5) years

Getting Legal Help

Pennsylvania courts discourage reduction of DUI charges into lesser criminal offenses; however, defendants can actively work towards dismissal or negotiate favorable terms of a plea agreement. For more information and insight into your legal rights, consult with a first offense DUI lawyer in Pennsylvania.

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