Third Offense DUI in Arizona

A third DUI/DWI conviction in Arizona within seven years will subject you to stiff administrative and criminal penalties. Note if your blood alcohol content exceeds .15%, you may be subject to even more severe felony punishment under Arizona's "extreme DUI" laws.

Administrative Penalties

Expecta license suspension of three years if this is your 3rd conviction within seven years. You will also need to put an ignition interlock device in your car as soon as you are allowed to drive again (and will need to show proof of SR22 insurance). Expect to be ordered into alcohol treatment and to perform a minimum of 30 days community service.

Criminal Consequences

A driver who accumulates a third DUI/DWI within with seven years  should expect a minimum jail sentence of 120 days without probation or a maximum prison term of two years. The fines for a third DUI in Arizona may range from $4,000 up to $150,000. The court may impound your car. 

Get a Lawyer's Help

Unfortunately, it is not possible to plea bargain a third DUI in Arizona down to a wet reckless charge, which is an alcohol-involved reckless driving charge that carries lesser penalties. Because of the severe felony penalties that may occur, an attorney's advice is recommended.

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