Third Offense DUI/DWUI in Wyoming

A third DUI (sometimes referred to as Driving While Under the Influence -- DWUI) in Wyoming within 10 years can result is serious administrative and criminal penalties.

Administrative Penalties

A third offense DUI/DWUI within 10 years in Wyoming results in a 3 year long license suspension (and you will not be eligible for a probationary license).  You will also have no choice but to attend and pay for a state approved substance abuse program. 

Criminal Penalties

The fines for a third offense DUI in Wyoming begin at $750 and can go as high as $3,000.  The associated court costs will be added to this amount. The minimum jail time is 30 days and can go up to six months.

The Lookback Period

The look back period (during which prior offense can accure) is 10 years in Wyoming.

Felony Vs Misdemeanor In Wyoming

A third offense is a misdemeanor unless a child under the age of 16 was present in the vehicle (raising the offense to felony status under a 2014 law).

Hiring An Attorney

An experienced Wyoming DUI/DWUI attorney can provide advice as how to best proceed when making your plea and negotiating with prosecutores

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