Can I Plead to "Wet Reckless" in Michigan?

Plea bargaining a reduced charge in Michigan drunk driving cases.

Michigan has no laws permitting or prohibiting a wet reckless plea bargain. In other words, it's possible that a Michigan lawyer may be able to make a plea bargain for someone charged with a DUI/OWI, either a wet reckless or some lesser offense.

The term, “wet reckless,” is used to describe a reduced plea arrangement made by a driver arrested for driving while intoxicated. (The driver pleads to reckless driving with alcohol involved -- hence the “wet” reference.) A wet reckless plea typically carries fewer obligations, punishments, and costs than a traditional DUI/OWI.

Keep in mind, however, that because of public pressure, most prosecutors are hesitant to plea bargain down a DUI/OWI charge. Such pleas are typically made for first-offense impaired driving offenses where the driver’s BAC is borderline (slightly above or below the .08% requirement), and where there was no property damage or personal injury resulting from the incident.

Second offenses

The advantages of a wet reckless plea are that the fines are lower and there is usually no jail time. The driver’s DUI/OWI record is kept clean. However, if the driver later is arrested for a DUI/OWI, the wet reckless will be treated like a prior- DUI/OWI conviction. In other words, the newer arrest will handled as if it were a second DUI offense (with the accompanying penalties).

Insurance rates

Some Michigan drivers are surprised to learn that insurance rates often jump higher for drivers convicted of a wet reckless than a DUI/OWI (although both are labeled as "high risk drivers”). That’s because the statistical data used by insurance companies shows that reckless drivers get in more accidents than those convicted of DUI/OWI.

(Read more about  reckless driving and the penalties for a conviction.)

Seek an attorney’s help

Although it’s possible for a driver to handle a plea bargain, it is strongly recommended that the driver seek an attorney’s assistance when attempting to plead down a DUI/OWI to a wet reckless.

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