First Offense DUI in Kansas

A first DUI conviction in Kansas results in both criminal (fines, possible jail time) and administrative penalties (license suspension).

Administrative Penalties

  • First offense DUI in Kansas carries mandatory license suspension of thirty (30) days, with a restricted license (similar to hardship or occupational licenses in other states) for a period of three hundred and thirty (330) days
  • Reinstatement contingent upon serving entire suspension period, followed by adherence to license restrictions period, which by law, does not require an ignition interlock device for first offenders

Criminal Penalties

How Much Will it Cost?

To get an idea of how much a first offense DUI will cost you, see our article on the cost of a DUI.

  • First offense convictions of DUI in Kansas require a minimum incarceration period of two (2) days, which may be served out as one hundred (100) hours of community service in limited instances
  • Any offense will carry mandatory alcohol/substance abuse assessment, which dictates course of further treatment requirements
  • Fines range from minimum of $500 to maximum of $1000, but fine amounts do not cover costs associated with completion of other terms of sentence, nor does it cover costs of license reinstatement
  • Convictions of first offense DUI in Kansas influence charging and sentencing in future DUI offenses for ten years (the lookback period)

Getting Legal Help

The state of Kansas contains statutory language that expressly prohibits reduction of DUI charges into lesser criminal or non-criminal offenses, however, defendants still can actively seek out favorable plea options or an outright dismissal, pending the case-specific nature of their arrest. For more information, consult with a Kansas DUI lawyer.

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